måndag 28 mars 2011

Skulpting laogom!

Hello! Time for an update, I have been lazy but now I got something to show with the progress of the character Talim. Working slowly but in the right direction i feel. Still don't feel like I have a lot of experience with sculpting. But I feel that every single brush stroke is a step forward to learning. ♥

söndag 20 mars 2011

Undead Talim block in

This is what I do for my birthday :D a block in for the character. Now I have something to start sculpting from. Not 100% about the design, might do some small changes on as I work on it.

fredag 18 mars 2011

Brawl Competition Talim goes undead rogue

My re imagination of the character Talim from Soul Calibur 4 to the war craft universe. Its fun to see so much cool stuff that is being made for the challenge. Hope I can make this look good in 3d :D