onsdag 28 november 2012

So I have been playing some Darksiders 2 and it is awesome. Love that art style. So here is a female Death. 

tisdag 20 november 2012

onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Tonights zbrush doodle. Got a bit WOW nostalgia so I decided to make a female blood elf. :) Found a good way to do the hair by using the Dam_standard brush and changing the alpha to something a bit bigger. Worked great!

tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Been doing some quick sculpting. Mostly practicing my work flow and reducing guessing games I sometimes tend to have when I sculpt. Oyeah and I need to practice sculpting hair. It sure is hard!!

tisdag 11 september 2012

Demon babe

About time I finished this one. Had it on hold for a year. Did not like the texturing from where I left it so I repainted everything.


tisdag 10 juli 2012

torsdag 14 juni 2012

 I have not updated in a while now. Been busy with some things, mostly working on improving a bit in different fields. one of them being sculpting with zbrush. I'll post some progress with that some other time. But for now here is a painting I did today. About time I made something with a story within it and not just some posed character. And I will be doing more of these, simply because I find them more interesting and fun. Also this is an area where I have always felt insecure. Good to step out of the comfort zone and do something else and improve in other areas. Oh well, off to bed.

söndag 6 maj 2012

lördag 28 april 2012

GA - mini challenge

New mini challenge on the gameartisans forum. Concept done, now on to modeling.

söndag 11 mars 2012


Now to start modeling ^^ might change stuff around a bit in the modeling process.

tisdag 6 mars 2012

Darksiders2 Weapon contest

This was fun making except for my pc going apeshit and giving me blue screen of death once and a lot of work was lost. Serves me for not saving work every 10 seconds. Anyways it was fun. I like nr 2 and nr 3 most. Gonna work some more on those I think.

söndag 19 februari 2012

BLC Alchemist

Started as some random doodle, ended up with a Alchemsit from Bloodline Chmapions.

tisdag 7 februari 2012


Whooo whooo! Did some final texturing on the owl Albertoo. Now I just got to do the rest of the elemntal.

söndag 5 februari 2012

Some late night painting.

Finlay got a pc to work on. was surfing around some art blogs and got inspired to make a pic of a chick that knows how to fix stuff. Lately I have felt unmotivated and lack of inspiration. But now it looks like the mood seems to be turning for the better.

fredag 20 januari 2012

Elemental Challenge

Was a long time since my last update. My pc is still broke at home. So I have to work from the office. Hopefully I'll get my new pc soon. Well this is my idea for the elemental challenge. Was thinking of doing a fire based one at first but noticed that I sucked at painting fire. So I did a woody based elemental instead. Also I wanted to give this one a pretty face and not just make it some kind of ent or something.